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Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box

Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box

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Includes 10 Booster Packs, Shining Ho-Oh Foil Card, Player’s Guide, 6 Damage Counter Dice & More Blaze a Bright Trail with Shining Pokémon. In each region, a handful of Pokémon stand apart as creatures of heroic stories and wild adventures: Zekrom, Latios, Mewtwo-GX, Entei-GX. Others are just whispers and rumors: mysterious Pokémon such as Keldeo, Shining Jirachi, Shining Volcanion--and many more. See and collect these astounding Pokémon of myth and legend, and join the Elite Trainers with the Pokémon TCG: Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box.